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My New Year Prayer For You

I pray
this year you will increase
more and more1
your days will be filled with
God’s wisdom,2 God’s understanding,3
and God’s hope.4
I pray
you will face challenges
in the strength of the Greater One
who lives within you5
you will be more than a conqueror6
your soul will be at
My name is Merle. I appreciate you stopping by Changed Thru The Word. Have
a happy, happy, happy New Year.
1. Psalm 115:14; 2. James 1:5; 3. Psalm 119:104
4. Psalm 25:5; 5. Psalm 18:29; 6. Romans 8:37; 7. Psalm 119:165
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Photo: Mount Trashmore Park, Virginia Beach, Va.
Music: Instrumental – Nathan S. Elliott/Words -Wrapped -Merle M. Mills