About Me 

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Merle is a volunteer with the Crisis Pregnancy of Tidewater where, for 10 years, she led Bible study groups for women experiencing after-abortion trauma. Currently, she serves with the Abortion Recovery Ministry administration, and helps with Special Projects.  In 2011, Merle founded Changed Thru The Word, a Ministry designed to encourage her reading and listening audience to develop a relationship with, and a commitment to regular reading, study, and memorization of the Holy Scriptures. This practice is vital for the growth of the believer, producing life changing, and victorious benefits. She has taken theological studies at Rock Bible Institute and recently completed a BA in Theology from Center of Joy College of the Bible in association with International Christian University. She sites her greatest accomplishment as her deep relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ. Her books, No More A Secret: A Guide to Healing after Abortion, Hand in Hand with the Master, You Are Forgiven, and Who Are You?, have brought healing and hope to many. Her recent book You Can Choose To Say No, is a guide to equip youth to say no to the voice of the soul destroyer, say yes to the voice of The Master, and live the abundant victorious life promised in the Holy Scriptures.

Merle has a deep love for  her God, prayer, her family, and the gift of life. She takes time to write; stop frequently to capture photographs of sunrises; sunsets; Canada geese; mallards; formosa azaleas; and full moons. She is a member of the KPC Writers Group and resides with her family in Virginia Beach, Va.